Key facts and figures 
ICT Ibérica: a model company in Zaragoza, halfway between Barcelona and Madrid

ICT Ibérica was founded in 1999 as a trading company and in 2005 it significantly enhanced its presence on the Iberian market by setting up production facilities in El Burgo de Ebro, Zaragoza, Aragon. The facility is located in an ideal centre, 300 km from Barcelona and Madrid and 450 km from France. It is an integrated greenfield facility for the production of toilet paper, kitchen towel rolls and other tissue paper products. It is one of the most efficient and modern tissue facilities in Southern Europe. Converting started in March 2005 and the mill in October of the same year, with a capacity of 70,000 tonnes. In September 2018, the production capacity was doubled with the addition of another continuous machine, bringing production capacity up to 140,000 tonnes. Moreover, as part of the expansion project, additional processing lines were put into operation, as well as a fully automated warehouse that can handle 25,000 pallets of finished products on 10 levels. A key investment that strengthens its technological leadership.

First 6sigma promotion by ICT Ibérica

For several years now, we have been using the 6Sigma methodology to evaluate how we can improve our processes, along with an in-house training programme as part of this methodology. We have created the first “Green Belt” ICT Ibérica Promotion for the development and application of these methodologies. Our team of experts is currently analysing projects aimed at improving safety and sustainability and at reducing costs. We at ICT Ibérica firmly believe in and are committed to the professional growth of our staff.

ICT IBÉRICA obtains IFS HPC certification

We have obtained the IFS HPC certification, which guarantees product safety, transparency and traceability. The certification process involved all ICT Ibérica staff, who are well aware of the importance of quality for customer satisfaction. With this certification, we are now getting closer and closer to our goal: becoming a global leader in the tissue sector and a reliable partner for our customers and consumers

ICT Ibérica turns its new PM22 machine on

Today, 12 September, we are successfully turning on our new PM22, thus practically completing the B2 project after 18 intense months. The new PM22, a Valmet Advantage DCT with capacity of 70,000 tonnes/year, incorporates cutting edge production technologies capable of manufacturing Ultra Quality products featuring significant thickness and softness, with high levels of efficiency and remarkable savings in energy consumption. Discover More