Key facts and figures
ICT SpA: leading a Group known worldwide for its commitment to excellence

Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti (ICT) was founded in 1976 in Italy, in the Lucca province, to operate in the tissue sector, producing high quality paper exclusively from virgin fibre. The first production facility was opened in 1978 in Piano della Rocca, Lucca, and over the years new plants and facilities have been set up in Piano della Rocca, Diecimo and Piano di Coreglia. The Foxy brand, one of the leading brands in the European market, was launched in 1982. ICT is an example of excellence in the paper industry, in full harmony with the tradition of the Lucca region, where the most important Italian papermaking hub is located, on a par with those of Green Bay (USA) and Fuji (Japan). In Lucca in particular, great expertise has been nurtured in the field of paper for household use, and the city is in fact known as the world tissue capital. Today, ICT SpA boasts an annual production capacity of about 160,000 tonnes.

The new Foxy Cotton screened on Italian television

The new Foxy Cotton toilet paper TV campaign started in August. Objective: to unveil the features of Foxy Cotton, inviting people to try it. The 15" commercial hence focuses on the product and its distinguishing characteristics: 5 ply, real cotton fibers, larger sheets. Broadcasted on the main free and pay, digital, terrestrial and satellite networks, for the first time the ad will also be available in two Web formats: one for quick visualizations on social networks and one specially-made for mobile. Watch the video

The winners of the #InMarciaConICT

Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti SpA is pleased to announce the winners of the #InMarciaConICT photo contest, organised for the 2017 Marcia delle Ville: - First place: Federica Marroni - Second place: Eleonora Fabbri - Third place: Maurizio Bellandi - Fourth place: Claudio Landucci. Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants. The prizes were awarded during an enjoyable gathering held July 14. See you at the next event.

“Making space for Foxy Cotton Toilet Paper”

The new Foxy Cotton Toilet Paper is already available on the shelves of Italy's top retailers. The highly positive feedback received at the launch during the Group Convention in Florence late last January was echoed by the distributors’ Purchasing Managers who voiced their sincere appreciation during various product presentations. Due to the highly distinctive nature of the new Foxy Cotton paper and its decidedly innovative content, Customers were keen to put this product promptly on sale.