Respect for the individual, job satisfaction, long-lasting relationships underlie great results

Welcome to the ICT Group
We would like to share with you our corporate culture and testimonials from our employees   

Our people have great talent and a strong sense of belonging to the group.
It is not about wearing a uniform, but living in an environment where everyone can feel they belong.
Our core values are expressed within every work team, based on respect, trust, cooperation and cultural diversity.
Our work environment encourages people to be themselves and to give of their best. We value local talent: local people work and grow in each group company.
Ours is a professional and long-lasting personal relationship: we strive to strengthen working relationships over time with the aim of keeping personnel turnover to the minimum.
Corporate Culture is not a hollow turn of phrase: for us it means giving one’s best, always. And from this we draw our satisfaction, our involvement and the added value we bring to the company.

Catia Paoli
Tommaso Fazzi
Giorgio Carletti
Gabriele Pescaglini
Elisabetta Bini
Enrico Testa
Letizia Pieri
Fabio Angeli
Dario Rossin
Giorgio Petri
Alberto Larrayad
Massimo Rusnighi
Kryspina Zapala
Letizia Pieri
Gabriele Pescaglini
Antonio Soro
Olivier Bezia
Sophie Antonio
Cesare Giannasi
Giada Buchignani
Pablo Gil
Jéronimo Bravo
Mara Guidi
Jara Munoz
Pawel Wasiel
Gosia Cybulska
Mickael Perrin