The large converting market relies on the ICT group for stable supply plans and superior quality paper

We have a different business vision

For ICT, Business to Business is a strategic activity, far from supplementary. For many years now the Group has established strong links with buyers of reels in Europe and has built its reputation on reliability, consistency and quality. We not only assure product and service quality but above all, we stand out as a trustworthy and reliable partner over time.

We pay attention to Quality

Product quality is assured by state of the art continuous machines. Together with high standards of softness and/or resistance, we assure production of reels that are consistent and able to be processed at high speed with no tears and inefficiencies. We care for the quality of service, assuring flexibility in catering for customers’ demands as well as timely deliveries, and the quality of long-term relationships is founded on the reliability of our organisation and our people.

A wide range of products

ICT reels are used for all converting requirements, for items that are mainly intended for the Consumer world (toilet paper, kitchen towels, handkerchiefs, napkins, facial tissues) as well as for items intended for the Away from Home market (toilet paper, big rolls, interleaved, medical sheets, etc.). Each product line offers a wide range of solutions. And while ICT has chosen to work solely with pure pulp for finished products, for the Business to Business sector, through Europaper, it also offers reels with different raw material, in line with the demands of the converting market.