Greenfield: a choice of responsible development 

A choice of responsible development

From the very beginning, ICT has always chosen to implement a Greenfield building policy, whose effects are manifold:

  • Production of new wealth for the region
  • Using the latest technology, with a special focus on environmental sustainability
  • Creating close and long-lasting ties with the region by using local personnel and management only in each country
  • Organic and non-speculative development led step by step by the local company in harmony with the community that hosts it.
The Greenfield philosophy respects and protects the environment

The Greenfield Philosophy is based on respect for the environment and on the best customer service. After careful study and research, each facility is designed to optimise the environmental impact, localising the best production facilities in the areas closest to the market. This result in optimal service to the customer, distribution logistics with low environmental impact and production of excellent paper, based on the latest technologies available in terms of sustainability. All this promotes the best working conditions for the safety and protection of people and places.

The Greenfield philosophy creates wealth in the region  

Building new facilities means creating new jobs and bringing new wealth to the region where the facility is located. And since the new facility grows organically, all growth leads to new jobs. ICT’s choice to entrust the management of each company to local professionals creates strong integration between the company and its region, fostering the progress of a close-knit community in growth and development.