The ICT Group addresses the consumers, GDO and converting markets, with high quality tissue and personal hygiene products

Consumer Brand

The ICT Group has a presence in the tissue market with the Foxy brand, among industry leaders for household use. Foxy offers a wide range of products and packages: toilet paper, kitchen towels, handkerchiefs, facial tissues and napkins. It is found in many European countries and in leading retail chains. Since 1986, brand awareness has been established by a number of advertising campaigns. The Group also produces nappies under the Carezza brand and cotton-based products for personal hygiene under the Naturell brand.

Private Label

ICT Group is a market leader in production for Private Label. Over the years, ICT has become a reliable and innovative partner for large retailers in the Private Label market, giving them the opportunity to meet all consumer needs in an adequate and timely manner. Constant market analysis and research, innovative solutions and product development, and high quality are the distinctive features that make ICT Group a benchmark for customers in the tissue market.


The ICT Group has specialised for years in the sale of Reels to Italian and foreign converting companies. The Reels are produced in various sizes, qualities, colours and specific weights for the Consumer and Away from Home markets. Also in the B2B sector, the focus on the customer’s needs and comprehensive know-how of all the stages of production lie at the core of long-lasting relationships with the converting world. In the converting world, ICT has gained a sound reputation as a reliable supplier, consistent over time and thorough in the service it offers.

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