Leader’s spirit: the Group’s brands are among the most well-loved and recognised by consumers


Foxy was launched in 1982 with the little Fox. Since then it has established itself as one of the most popular brands in the market, with consumer awareness of over 90%. For several years it has been among the three top-selling brands in the markets where the Group has been active for the longest time, namely Italy, Poland and Spain, and is establishing itself in the French market as well. The success of the Foxy range is based on three pillars: product quality, constant innovation and solid advertising support.



The Naturell brand offers a vast universe of products, mainly intended for women, using one of the most popular and well known vegetable fibres – cotton, a wholly natural product, soft as well as delicate. Naturell branded items are positioned on the market as the product of choice for nature-conscious consumers.


Carezza nappies offer state-of-the-art efficiency at competitive prices. Carezza (“caress”) is available as Basic, Regular and Top, thus offering a comprehensive range. At least two product tests per year, a number of in-line checks and comparative analyses by independent laboratories assure top quality levels.