Pozzani Disposables

About us
Pozzani Disposables, specialised in top quality nappies and personal care products
A wide range of soft, natural and highly absorbent products

Pozzani Disposables was founded over 90 years ago as an antiseptic factory. Since then it has come a long way, focusing its business on the personal hygiene market. It is based in Italy, in the Vicenza province and joined the ICT group in 1992.

Produces and markets a wide range of baby diapers under the brand name Carezza and cotton-based personal hygiene products under the brand name Naturell.

Carezza diapers stand out for their absorbency, softness and unique designs, whereas Naturell, the stylish cotton line, is especially prized due to the quality and naturalness of the raw materials.

Pozzani Disposables also supplies Mass Market Retailers with full ranges of their own private label lines of baby diapers.

The variety of products offered and the care lavished in their design and manufacture evidence the needs of the final consumer as well as the mass retail company are well catered for.



Our Brands

Produced with cutting edge materials, Carezza branded nappies are clinically tested, comfortable and dry. Thanks to the use of super-absorbent fibres for exceptional dry conditions and non-woven fabric for soft contact with the skin, Carezza nappies are especially popular with mothers also due to their easy fit and eye-catching designs that make them pleasant to wear. 


Closely tied to cotton, a soft and delicate natural fibre, the Naturell brand includes a vast universe of products mainly designed for women: sanitary towels, panty liners, zigzag cotton wool, cotton pads for cosmetic purposes, cleansing rounds.

By leveraging the use of one of the most popular and well known raw materials, Naturell branded products are positioned on the market as the product of choice for nature-conscious consumers.