Key facts and figures 
ICT Poland: a leader in Central and Central Eastern Europe with an annual production of 210,000 tonnes

ICT Poland was inaugurated in 2001, in Kostrzyn, on the border with Germany: an ideal location to efficiently cater for the countries in Central and Central Eastern Europe. Today the facility is the most technologically advanced European site in the industry and is one of the most important production sites in Europe by size. From the outset, converting was designed around the paper mill’s continuous machine, with an XXL converting facility of the same width, capable of converting paper reels without any intermediate processing. Thanks to expansions in 2008 and 2015, it has reached a production capacity of 210,000 tonnes with three continuous machines. Furthermore, within its plans for technological development, in 2010 ICT Poland set up a fully automated warehouse, capable of handling 90,000 pallets of finished product on 12 levels and loading 220 trucks per day. Another record that strengthens its technological leadership.

Friendship at ICT Poland

ICT Poland is a great team both at work and when people are together, outside the work. They enjoy good relationships and know how to have fun together. We are all very proud of the team who took part in “Kostrzyńska Dziesiątka” run in Kostrzyn. Congratulations to all. Watch the video

ICT Poland promotes new JOB Explorer project

JOB Explorer is an ICT Poland project dedicated to primary and secondary school students in Kostrzyn on the Oder. The company offers students the opportunity to visit the factory, showing them not only the tissue paper production process but also the work done in each department. The aim is to help young students choose their educational pathway according to their aptitude and the competencies required by the labour market in various company areas. More than 300 students came to visit us and, according to the results of an anonymous survey, they really enjoyed this trip and can see themselves working for our company in the future.

Open day in ICT Poland: over 900 people at the Kostrzyn facility

ICT Poland opened the doors of its Kostrzyn facility with an Open Day for all employees, their families and anyone wishing to find out more about the company. The guided tours throughout the facility allowed visitors to observe the entire production process that distinguishes ICT business and learn about our products. A pleasant and positive day for all, involving over 900 people