our vision is our and yours success 

To build a solid group of companies and people with the goal of being the leading independent manufacturer in the international markets we operate in, thanks to the trust gained through product quality, service flexibility, innovation, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Having a long-term Vision allows us to create and maintain value over time.


… as the essence of our business

Provide premium segment products and services under our own brand, for private labels and B2B, that stand out by their unique quality and look and are able to sustain our customers’ success as well as our consumers', shareholders' and employees’ satisfaction.

Our daily commitment focuses on a set of values that relate to people, processes, products and the environment.
The importance given to people is one of the key pillars which ICT is based on. Furthermore, having an international identity based on synergies between local cultures and distinguishing features is a source of great distinctiveness and pride.
In management, we especially focus on efficiency and streamlining of processes, facilities and logistics solutions, as well as continuous innovation of our products.
We fully embrace responsibility for the environment in every activity we undertake: our history is grounded on respect for the ecosystem that is our home.
Thanks to all that, ICT was able to create value in the past and is ready to build the future.


sharing values is the basis of our motivation

    we implement a policy of transparency and we strive to deserve the trust of others by working with quality, professionalism and fairness.


    cohesiveness, commitment and motivation in each one of us underlie our development.


    we pursue respect and care for our employees, customers, the community and all our stakeholders. Protecting the environment and assuring safety are key aspects of our activities.


    respect for cultural diversity is our strength and competitive advantage. Pooling our collective intelligence supports us in the processes of innovation and change management.