Quality Tissue since 1978

Our history
The Group was founded with high-end paper as its core business, and has remained true to this choice over time. Today, its scope is international, with offices and facilities in several European countries

In the early 60s, when tissue paper for household use was not yet a consumer staple, the many paper mills in the Lucca area, all family-run, mainly focused on manufacturing packaging paper or the so-called brown straw paper used to wrap food.

Then, the economic boom and the sharp rise in living standards led to the start of toilet paper production in the area. This was generally low quality paper, quite different from that which consumers are accustomed to today. Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti already had over 25 years of experience in the papermaking sector when it entered the tissue industry in 1978, with its first Italian plant in Piano della Rocca, Lucca. The goal was to stand out in the market by producing high quality paper only – a foundational and still unwavering choice. That is how ICT became the supplier of choice for converting companies that focused on quality, from then on no longer the prerogative of foreign multinational companies. Afterwards, ICT opted for the route of converting its paper into a finished product under its own brand: Foxy was launched in 1982.

Meanwhile, in 1974, Europaper had been founded in Fivizzano, in the Massa province. The group’s paper mill specialises in the production of tissue paper reels for converting.

Pozzani Disposables, a manufacturer of baby nappies, cotton-based products and feminine hygiene products, was acquired in 1992.

Although the Group has always done business abroad, the first production facility outside Italy was that of ICT Poland, set up in 2001. This was followed by ICT Iberica in 2005 and ICT France in 2011. The trading company ICT Deutschland was founded in 2014. Today, the ICT Group has a marked international identity.




1974 Europaper is founded

1978 first Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti tissue facility

1982 Foxy the little fox is born

1986 first TV campaign

1988 second continuous ICT SpA machine


1992 Pozzani Disposables is acquired

1996 Pozzani Disposables is acquired

1998 launch of the new Pozzani Disposables “Production Line 1” 

1999 fourth ICT Spa continuous machine

2000 new Europaper continuous machine


2001 ICT Poland start-up

2001 XXL converting facility start-up at ICT Poland

2005 ICT Iberica facility start-up


2008 second ICT Poland continuous machine

2010 ICT Poland automated warehouse commissioned

2010 evolution of Pozzani Disposables “Production Line 1”

2010 launch of Pozzani Disposables “Production Line 2” 


2011 ICT France start-up

2014 ICT Deutschland is founded

2015 mixture preparation facility re-building at Europaper

2015 third continuous machine at ICT Poland

2015 extension of Pozzani Disposables "Production Line 2” sizes  


2018 second continuous machine at ICT Ibérica