Business Areas

Consumer Brand

ICT Poland produces, markets and distributes the Foxy brand in the countries of Central and Central Eastern Europe, and all its products (toilet rolls, kitchen towels, napkins, facial tissues and handkerchiefs) promoting diffusion through TV and Internet advertising campaigns and continuous innovation for the specific target markets, thanks to research and constant dialogue with customers and consumers.

Private Label

ICT Poland is also a leader in the private label market, where product quality and the level of service have led to building significant customer loyalty over time. Furthermore, the group’s research and development policy allows Mass Retail professionals to always rely on innovative products with a focus on consumers’ needs, while being highly competitive in terms of price-quality ratio.

Business to Business

ICT Group has always been one of the European leaders in the B2B world, attentive to customer needs and to quality of service. In particular, ICT Poland sells reels to converting companies. ICT paper is famous for being easy to convert, of even appearance and physical features, and available in a wide range of formats and weights. See more


ICT Poland has been working ever since its establishment fully respecting the environment, the community and people, in line with the group's policy, mission and values. From the selection of raw materials according to group policies, to the long-term cooperation with UNICEF, ICT Poland’s day-to-day activities are based on sustainable principles and values.


ICT Poland innovates to provide its customers with new and distinctive solutions that meet consumers’ needs. Constant dialogue with customers, consumers and business partners means ICT is a company that is sensitive to the market and its expectations. Innovation also stems from listening. It is innovation in products as well as in processes, whose benefits are constantly monitored.